Q: Where do you products come from?

A: TRUE SAVIOR APPAREL has partnered with a variety of great clothing manufacturers and distributors, which is helping kick start our branding efforts. As we continue to grow, we will be investing in our own equipment so that we can continue to improve on the already great service and quality of the products we currently provide to our customer.

Q: Why do I see Baseball caps (Lids) in the pictures on the website, but I do not see any in the store?

A: Due to some issues with the manufacturer, we are having to find a new source for themOnce TRUE SAVIOR APPAREL finds a more reliable and cost effective source, we will let everyone know through our news letter, email and social media.

Q: Why is everything only Black or White, with no other color options?

A: The word of God, is documented for BELIEVERS with Black ink on White paper, and without question or doubt, defines who we are and what we truly BELIEVE. We at TRUE SAVIOR APPAREL wanted to echo this righteous truth through the uniqueness of having only these color options. Our hope is that our business decision to only offer our apparel in the “black and white” options, helps to better define the uniqueness of our brand and to possibly steer conversations back to sharing the words written for us BELIEVERS with others.

In the future we may offer limited edition colors, for great causes like cancer awareness, but for now we want to focus on TRUE SAVIOR APPAREL’s  brand awareness and what we are trying to accomplish in sparking up conversations.

Q: Does True Savior Apparel give back to the community?

A: In the future, TRUE SAVIOR APPAREL will be asking our customers to recommend the name and location of any local church that might be in need of some financial support for the church or to help support their ministries. Each month, we will choose a church to send a donation from TRUE SAVIOR APPAREL. These donations will be based on the percentage of sales for that month. So, keep checking in to see when we will be starting these efforts to support local Churches!


We at TRUE SAVIOR APPAREL love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. 

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